Pursue Martial Arts


Jason is one of the most experienced Professional MMA athletes in the region. His goal is to help people achieve their best levels of fitness and technique, while improving their lives through Martial Arts Jason Trzewieczynski

Head MMA Coach

Molly is the Academy manager, and yoga instructor. Our personal connection with each and every member makes training more enjoyable and rewarding, and Molly ensures a perfect experience for every student. Molly Trzewieczynski


Jared is our expert introductory coach. When you check out a trial course, you’ll most likely meet Coach Jared who will show you how much fun you can have doing martial arts. He loves getting new people into the martial arts lifestyle Jared Mutka

Enrollment Director

Ashley is our super friendly front desk manager, who will most likely be showing you around the academy on your first visit, or answering any questions you have about training Ashley Cannon-Zelasko

Front Reception Manager