Kids MMA Classes in Buffalo

Learn Focus | Build Confidence | Have Fun



Most students come in very shy and timid. That doesn’t last long for BJJ students. From the very first class we use challenging and engaging martial arts exercises disguised as fun games. Kids actually WANT to take on harder challenges with each class they take.



Getting kids to engage nowadays is quite a challenge with all the technology present. Martial Arts is known for improving focus and concentration levels. You can rest assured your kids will have not only better focus, but much better fitness as well




Trackable results: Our students get progress checks each month, where they can see the improvements made from training, and also get new challenges to work on.




Your child will be self assured and confident. BJJ teaches hands on, realistic self defense. There is no better form of martial art for kids.

The 'Growth Mindset'

Why Some Kids Try Harder and Some Give Up

Stanford researcher Carol Dweck has been studying motivation and perseverance since the 1960s. She found that children fall into one of two categories:
1. Those with a fixed mindset, who believe their successes are a result of their innate talent or smarts.
Fixed mindset: ‘If you have to work hard, you don’t have ability.’

2. Those with a growth mindset, who believe their successes are a result of their hard work.
Growth mindset: ‘The more you challenge yourself, the smarter you become.’


Our kids class always starts with a kickboxing warmup which helps promote coordination and fitness.

self defense

Self Defense

BJJ is unique, in that kids get to practice self defense with full resistance, in a safe method.



Every single class helps increase flexibility, which is vital in injury prevention later in life.

Nurturing the Growth Mindset

From the very first lesson your child takes, you’ll see how our coaches are experts at encouraging the effort, not the result. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, although very effective, is very challenging. It is not an instant gratification martial art. Based on studies which show how detrimental easy rewards can be for children, you can begin to see how important a well thought out curriculum is. Easy activities like breaking a paper thin pre-cut board for a flashy new belt will actually hinder growth in a child. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, children under 18 cannot attain a black belt. This one fact alone helps students develop a long term, goal orientated, diligent work ethic that will carry on into the rest of life.

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