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A Higher Standard

You’ve seen it. The dirty, grungy, smelly gym with mean looking tough guys judging you for walking in. That’s the perception most people have about MMA gyms. Sometimes they are right. In the case of Pursue Martial Arts, that perception couldn’t be further from the truth. From the moment you step foot in our academy, you’ll see a level of professionalism and courtesy that will make you feel welcome and part of our community. Our competitive athletes are held to the highest standard of martial arts, meaning they must be courteous, respectful, compassionate, honest, and modest. Our competitive athletes are the friendliest people you can ever meet, and they are all ready to help you reach your goals.

A Beautiful Academy

Inside our 6000+ square facility you’ll find a spotless, immaculately clean academy with the best equipment available. Our entire mat area is comprised of the highest quality mats in the world, which are also antimicrobial. Our mats are cleaned with Martial Arts specific cleaning solution each day and night, and our punching bags and pads are wiped down after each use with a specially made cleaning solution as well. Each area of our academy is made designed to provide the best possible training experience for our students.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Buffalo

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MMA Intro Course



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Finish Ratio of Debut Athletes

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Our tried and true method:

Striking Course

Our striking course teaches athletes the fundamentals needed to effectively compete in MMA. Our Kru’s unique knowledge of both Muay Thai and K-1 has proven ultra effective in both Pro and Amateur competition

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / No Gi

Caio Terra Association has some of the best Jiu-Jitsu techniques in the world. Our focus on grappling has kept our athletes safe and dominant. Our fighters regularly come out of matches with no damage, taking no strikes. We attribute this to our structured curriculum and training camps.

MMA Camps

Besides partaking in our normal group classes, our MMA athletes have specific camps for each match. Our camps are designed specifically to benefit each team member competing, to maximize efficiency and contribute to a successful match. Training camps are challenging, but intelligently designed, with a focus on safety. Our athletes are challenged mentally and physically, but an emphasis is always placed on safety first.

  • Submission wins
  • KO/TKO
  • Decision


Finish Ratio

Numbers Speak

We take training our MMA athletes very seriously. When someone comes in with the goal of competing in Mixed Martial Arts, we plan out every step by creating specific training camps, managing fight finding, and cornering to ensure the best results. Our methods have worked for countless athletes, and in our first 5 years we boasted a 100% debut athlete win ratio. The care we put into each student can be seen in their accomplishments.

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